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Top suppliers

The suppliers we represent are the leading most appreciated manufacturers in their fields. Strong focusing on product development and countless new product innovations create a strong basis for our product selection. Our selection includes the products of nearly one hundred suppliers, all carefully selected professionals in their fields.



Hedtec’s selection of cables includes a wide range of types of cables and conductors. Our selection includes cables with international certifications (HAR, UL, CSA, DESINA etc.). Due to our longstanding and excellent contacts we also offer specialty cables tailored to suit the needs of our customers. As needed, we also provide international delivery of cables directly to installation sites around the globe.

Installation materials
Among the varied selections of our installation materials you will find products from the fields leading manufacturers for a wide range of uses. Included in the selections are, among others, industrial plugs and sockets, distribution boxes, regulator and control devices, transformers and motion detectors.

Electromechanical Components
Our selection for switchboards and systems manufacturers covers a high quality, varied and continuously developed collection ofelectromechanical components including rotary cam switches, on load switches, protection relays and fuse bases.

Measuring devices
We offer dependable and tested measuring systems for assessing, analyzing and controlling the electrical systems of industry and real estate. Our systems are compatible with most bus solutions and are completely remote controlled.



Heating and ventilation
The heating and ventilation products we represent are manufactured by experts in their fields in Europe. Their research and development work has for decades generated products which have paved the way for others in the field. The air curtains and fan heaters as well as the radiant heating products we market have been developed with an eye to the especially demanding conditions in northern Europe. The vantage point for development has been reliability, ease of installation and user friendliness as well as environmental demands eg. in regard to noise levels and appearance. Our website www.hedtec.fi contains the data-sheets, installation instructions and connecting diagrams for our products.

Installation systems
SmartiS installation system provides a safe and concise method to deliver electricity and data where they are required. This is an excellent solution, when installation demands flexibility, simplicity, quick assembly and a particularly pleasing style. Our installation systems are equally suited to new and renovation sites.

Measuring devices
Offered in our wide range of measuring devices and analyzers you will find the right products to suit a variety of needs. The products we represent conform to international IEC 1010-1 standards. They have been developed specifically with user safety in mind. Our most important product areas include installation testers and electricity quality meters.

Hydraulic and pneumatic products
Hedtec hydraulic and pneumatic product group includes a wide and extremely high quality range of tools, supplies and spare parts. Our products are well suited for demanding industrial maintenance and component installation; they are well known and recognized among professionals for reliability as well as durability.



Our goal
We aim to encompass the realization of quality lighting comprised of seamless and fluid co-operation with several components of expertise. Our close operation with different partners including architects, designers as well as the end users ensures the best quality result. Our goal is to achieve the optimal light result while taking into account the requirements of energy economy and supporting the need for sustainable development.

Our fields of action
Through our trading partners our selection of lighting products comprise virtually all of our daily indoor and outdoor lighting needs. We strive to provide the best lighting solutions that support industry, commercial interests and health care needs. Whether at work or play, lighting is an integral part of our daily life. At Hedtec we offer lighting solutions to enable you to enjoy relaxation and sports, to support your business needs and a variety of cultural events.

Environmental awareness now and in the future is important for us all. We invest in high quality lighting products to ensure the well being of our customers and to minimize the environmental impact of their use. For us creating a high quality lighting ensemble requires not only the
right selection of luminaries to suit our customers needs but also offering environmentally friendly technologies starting from the most simple solutions to the lighting controls of an entire building.

Building products
In addition to our lighting products we offer a variety of products for real estate uses. Theses products ensure that the quality environment created with first class lighting is easily maintained throughout the interior and exterior of the building.  For inside use we have entry matting systems, stair noses and wall protection thus enabling the safety of the users in a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Our outdoor lighting in conjunction with our quality urban furniture ensures long lasting comfort and security for daytime and evening use.